February 14, 2011



This April, Danny Howells will release the first edition of a compilation series for his Dig Deeper label, entitled Phase One.

Howells has some pretty high profile labels in his past, from the nights he spent DJing for Bedrock to the mixes he did for Renaissance and Global Underground. But in the past few years much of his time has gone into his own imprint, Dig Deeper Records. So far the label has focused exclusively on his own productions, but soon it will host tracks from artists like Art Bleek, Surrealism and fellow heavyweights like Nick Warren. Phase One showcases a wide swath of material from the label—a whopping 43 tracks in total, most of which are previously unreleased.

"This is the first time I've ever had the chance to sign new music, and be able to combine it with my own productions," says Howells. "So many artists that I really admire and look up to sent me music for the label which was kind of gob-smacking! I'm so happy with the end result and feel that the mix and individual tracks really display the diverse range of musical styles that I want Dig Deeper to represent."

The release consists of two parts: an 18-track mix, and a collection of 25 individual songs. The mix will be available as a limited edition CD, signed by Howells himself, and also as a digital download.


Part 1: Mixed by Danny Howells
01. Danny Howells - Flight Home
02. Danny Howells - Black Cat
03. Danny Howells - Everything's Here
04. Danny Howells - Everything's Here (Deetron Remix)
05. Tom Budden - Desert Rose
06. Danny Howells - Psychoticbump (Andreas Saag Remix)
07. Danny Howells - Liquid Thing (Daniel Dubb Remix)
08. Benny Rodrigues - Dimitri (Russ Gabriel Remix)
09. Subtech - Timeshift (Theive Remix)
10. Alex Dolby & Giorgio Roma - Forever Mine
11. Surrealism - Heat (Alex Dolby & Giorgio Roma NY Dub)
12. Vadim Yershov - False Colors
13. Vadim Yershov - Cottage Industry
14. Vadim Yershov - Cottage Industry (Dave Angel Remix)
15. Benny Rodrigues - Dying For Love
16. Danny Howells - September (Furney Remix)
17. Danny Howells - Black Cat (Total Science Remix)
18. Danny Howells - Flight Home (Matrix Remix)

Part 2: Unmixed
01. Surrealism - Do It Now
02. Surrealism - Heat (Vocal)
03. Surrealism - Nasty
04. Benny Rodrigues - Dimitri
05. Vadim Yershov - Event Horizon
06. Vadim Yershov - Fracture Disco
07. Theive - Esta Loco
08. Theive - Esta Loco (Dub)
09. Theive - Repeat
10. Nick Warren - Flowers
11. Nick Warren - Flowers (Solee Remix)
12. Art Bleek - Spin Ache
13. Art Bleek - Bittersweet
14. Danny Howells - Black Cat (Ation Remix)
15. Danny Howells - Black Cat (Brendon Moeller Remix)
16. Danny Howells - Psychoticbump (Andreas Saag Deep Mix)
17. Subtech - Timeshift
18. Danny Howells - September (Future Beat Alliance Remix)
19. Danny Howells - Right Off (Faze Action Remix)
20. Danny Howells - Something More (Unreleased Track)
21. Danny Howells - Right Off (Casio Social Club Remix)
22. Danny Howells - Laid Out
23. Danny Howells - Landing On Planets (Dosem Remix)
24. Danny Howells - September (Sigha Remix)
25. Danny Howells - In Black (Johannes Heil Remix)

Dig Deeper Records will release Phase One on April 4th, 2011.

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