March 4, 2011


Saludos Muchachos,

En Forward Musiq tambien nos preocupamos por tu seguridad y que te mantengas super informado para librarte de situaciones no deseables. En muchos foros y paginas relacionadas al "Miami Music Weekend" (antes conocida como WMC/UMF Weekend) se esta alertando a todos en cuando a la venta de los supuestos Single Day Tickets para el "Ultra Music Festival", el cual ya esta sold out en tiempo record.


Aqui les dejo la informacion. See ya'!

Dear UMF Attendee,
If you are reading this, then you already know the good news. You will be part of the most anticipated festival of the year, Ultra Music Festival. As you may have heard, Ultra is Sold Out. This is great news as we are now completely focused on Ultra's new state of the art production, and setting the stage for the most incredible weekend of your life With almost 50,000 people attending each day, we feel a few choice words are in order to ensure everything goes off without a hitch, and you have an incredible ULTRA EXPERIENCE that will never be forgotten.

• For the first time, we are 100% SOLD OUT in advance. As such, tickets are more valuable than they have ever been, so treat them like the money you spent on them. DO NOT MISPLACE YOUR TICKET. There will be no reissues for lost or stolen tickets.
• As you have already noticed you will only receive ONE, three day ticket for the event, there are NO single day tickets and your ticket WILL NOT be exchanged for a bracelet as some of you thought. This same ticket must be used for entry on each day of the event. Each ticket will only be valid for one use each day, NO EXCEPTIONS.
• To help you through the weekend, we have shipped each ticket in a clear ticket pouch with a lanyard attached. This pouch can be worn around your neck and will protect your ticket from the elements and prevent it from being lost or misplaced so be sure to USE IT!
• In closing, we could not be more excited for March 25th to arrive. Please bring us your best, and we will provide the same, remember, it is all about the experience!

Ultra Music Festival

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