October 21, 2011

Interview #10: Tommy Trash

We sit down with the highly acclaimed Australian DJ/Producer Tommy Trash for a short interview.

Fast doesn't even come close to describing the speed of Tommy Trash's rise to fame during the last couple of months. Delivering us with one explosive production after the other, he's recently rocked the charts with hits such as "The End" and his debut single on Tiesto's Musical Freedom record label, "Future Folk". But his destructive bass-driven synths don't stop there, since he's also been busy remixing hits such as Dirty South & Thomas Gold's Alive and Moby's After. He's already conquered a long path, and only time knows where his talents will be able to take him. Read on as we speak with Tommy about his great career, his dream collaboration, and how he enjoys long romantic walks on the beach. Wait, what?
Name: Thomas Olsen
Genres: Electro House
Years as a DJ: 5
Forward Musiq: How was electronic DJ introduced into your life? What motivated you to be a DJ/Producer?
Tommy Trash: I was studying classical music at uni… then one of my mates took me to a house music club and I was just hooked straight away.
FM: Do you remember your first gig? How was it?
TT: Haha… yes I do.. definitely wasn’t one of the tightest sets of all time, put it  that way!!!
FM: How about your favorite one?
TT: Playing Privilege with Tiesto this year. Such a massive venue and the vibe was off the chain!
FM: You recently had your debut on Musical Freedom, Tiesto’s record label, with your single “Future Folk”. Ever think you’d make it this far? How does it feel?
TT: Not sure how far this career would take me, but I always knew I had to do music. It feels super surreal to be honest. Tiesto has always been a hero of mine, so to be working on his label is a huge buzz!
FM: You’re characterized for your energy-driven basslines and your hard hitting percussion. Even so, how would you describe your sound? How has it evolved over the years?
TT: Over the years I’ve flirted which a range of dance styles, however making electro with a progressive edge is what really gives me a boner. I’m just finding all this melodic  electro really exciting right now.
FM: Which artists have served you as musical pillars of inspiration?
 TT: Wow I think there’s just soooooo many people to name! But it ranges from composers like Richard Strauss and Shoenberg to dance guys like New Order and John Dahlback to rock guys like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.

FM: What is the best thing about being a DJ? How about the worst?
TT: Best thing is playing my own tunes and seeing the reaction in the crowd! Worst thing is the travelling. U know like finishing at 4am and having 6am flight.. not that I’m whining!!
FM: When performing, what is something you always carry with you?
TT: A mini torch.. helps me find stuff in all the dark places.
FM: In your opinion, what is the best track to get the crowd going?
TT: Wow, I think for 2011 Deniz Koyu - Tung
. Winner every time.
FM: Production-wise, what has so far been the best track of 2011?
TT: Sending My Love by R3hab and Swanky Tunes. This is fierce!
FM: Of all the tracks you’ve made, which is your favorite one? Why?
TT: I think it’s “The End” cause for me it signified the end of one part of my career and the start of a new one. I just decided to forget about everything I had done before, move to London, and make music 100% the way I wanted.
FM: If you could collaborate on a track and spend one day with any DJ/Producer, who would it be? Why?
TT: Wow… only one guy? hahaha.. geeze, um… Robert Johnson, but he’s dead to that aint gonna happen. That delta blues shit is just made for electronic music.. I think moby proved that.
FM: Where do you think you will be 10 years from now? How about electronic dance music as a whole?
TT: Hopefully I’ll still be making tunes. I’d love to eventually get into film music too, but not yet. Dance as a whole I think is gonna keep growing and growing. So exciting what’s happening in the USA with it right now.. This is def the golden era of dance music!!
FM: Are there any goals you want to accomplish in what is left of this year? How about 2012?
TT: I wanted to get 5 things in the Beatport Electro House Top 100, and I recently achieved 6 in there, so that’s kinda it for for this year… 2012 I just wanna keep growing as a producer, hopefully get my mixdowns sounding a bit tighter.. 
FM: Are there any other things you enjoy apart from producing music?
TT: I love table tennis. A lot. Also long walks along the beach do it for me as well.
FM: What was your childhood dream? Did it have anything to do with where you are now?
TT: I was always a bit of a show off, so I think being a performer was always on the cards. Since I was 4 music was everything to me. Trust me, ask my mum!

FM: Where do you stand regarding music piracy? Are you in favor of it, or against it?
oooooo I think it’s a mixed bag of lollies. On one hand, it’s great that people wanna share you’re music. On the other it’s a shame that it’s harder than ever to make a career just producing without dj-ing. Lucky for me that I love dj-ing! I think the music business is evolving at a rapid rate and over the next few years it’s all gonna work itself out and income streams for producers will be restored (I hope).
FM: Thank you very much for your time, Tommy. Any lasts words of advice towards your Puerto Rican fans? Ever thought about coming to visit the island?
TT: You’re welcome and I hope I can be there in 2012!!!!!  xxx

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