December 21, 2011

Moguai: Lyve from the World

By: Michael Maurer
2011 has by far been Moguai's most successful year. Watch out for him in 2012, because he'll be taking the scene by storm once again.

After the brilliant 'Lyve from Beta' release on mau5trap and an epic tour spanning 5 Continents, 24 Countries and 114 Cities, it would be very difficult to disagree that 2011 really was Moguai's year. But wait- this is just the beginning! The start of 2012 sees Moguai both releasing a brand new album on mau5trap, entitled 'MPire', and embarking on a new tour! This year was great.. 2012 promises to be even better!

Join Moguai online to be part of 2012's new adventure:

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